Booking Rules

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General Rules

  • Courts will be made available for pre-booking by Members 7 days in advance subject to these rules.
  • A court may be occupied only if a valid booking has been made for that court and the appropriate booking fee has been paid through the DLTC Court Booking System for the relevant time.
  • Players must vacate the court at the end of their booked session, whether the court is clear for use or not.
  • Members who arrive to the Club and have not pre-booked may book court a court using the Touchscreen located in the club foyer.
  • For the purposes of court bookings players will be categorised as senior, junior or coach.

Court Booking Fees

  • The court booking fee is €2 per 30-minute slot.
  • The court booking fee is collected from the member's court booking account in the online DLTC Court Booking System when a court is booked.
  • The principle that underlies the booking policy is "Pay to Play". If any member is found playing without paying/booking, their online account will be debited twice the appropriate fee. Entitlement to book courts via the online DLTC Court Booking System may be suspended in the event of persistent breach of this rule. The obligation to ensure a court booking has been made rests with ALL players using a court.

Guest Fees

  • When playing a Guest, members must select "GUEST €2.50 per 30 mins" as the playing partner/opponent to show on the booking sheets.
  • The system will automatically charge the €5 Guest Fee to your booking system account.
  • If you're no longer playing a Guest, you can change your playing partner/opponent to a member, and the Guest Fee will be removed.
  • This can be done when you book the court or any time before playing.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Failure to take up booking or to cancel same within 24 hours of the time of booking will lead to forfeiture of court booking fee unless the time is rebooked by another member.
  • Refunds of booking fees for late cancellations where the court is not rebooked may be made at the discretion of the Committee or booking system administrator.
  • To take up a court booking, the player who booked the court must arrive on court with an opponent no later than 30 minutes after the pre-booked time. After 30 minutes, the court may be used by other players waiting to play. These players then have the right to use the court without charge for the remainder of the court booking.

Member Accounts and Top-Ups

  • Each member will be allocated an account within the booking system.
  • To credit their accounts, members should refer to the letter of instruction issued by the club/system administrator in this regard.

Booking After a Time Period Has Commenced

  • If a court is not pre-booked a member may book that court on the day up to the end of the relevant time period even if the time period for that court booking has already commenced. However, the full court fee will be charged.
  • If a court is not pre-booked a coach may also book that court at any time 15 minutes after the start time for that court booking.
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